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Face Painting FAQ

What types of paints are used?

Professional cake face and airbrush body makeup. All products are FDA approved made with either cocoa butter or bees wax. We never use acrylic paint which has been known to cause allergic reactions. Regardless of who you use, always ask your artist what products they use on your Childs skin.

How long do they last?

Water soluble paints typically last 1-2 days. Hybrid, or alcohol-based makeup can last up to a week depending on skin type.

How can you remove the paint?

All paints are easily removed with soap and warm water or makeup remover. Sometimes sensitive skin may stain, in which case the entire design can be removed by washing twice.

How long does it take to apply?

Most face painting designs can be created in 2-3 minutes. Application time will very depending upon the level of detail and the skill/speed of the artist.

How do you apply your makeup?

With Airbrushes of course! We also use sponges and brushes.

How large a group can you handle?

On average we complete 15-20 full faces per hour. Here again, it depends on the skill and speed of your artist. To accommodate very large crowds we recommend 1/4 and 1/2 face designs which can be completed at a pace of 30-50 per hour.

What other applications do you have for face art?

We offer bright, colorful neon's,metallic's,shimmers and glitters. Whatever you need, we have it and have done it before.

Can I do anything to preserve the art?

With water soluble paints, try not to sweat heavily or go swimming, Barrier spray can help seal the skin and preserve the design, but only to an extent. With alcohol-based, or hybrid makeup,designs will withstand sweating and the potentially harmful affects of chlorine and other pool chemicals.

How many designs are available?

It all depends on the skill of your artist. Every artist will provide a showcase book with numerous samples if you don't see anything of interest to you, you can just use your imagination. For specific ideas,pictures can help.

How much space do you need to work your magic?

A 6'x6 area will do, if we use our tent we need a 10'x10' area. An electrical outlet a chair and a small table are helpful although we can do without them if necessary. We can do outdoor events without electric but need to know that there will be no electric available ahead of time.

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About Face Painting

We use wonderfully artistic stencils specially designed for face applications, and FDA approved high-definition airbrush makeup formulated for use on human skin to create out-of-this world facial designs at a rapid pace that can't be matched.

Designed are applied at very low pressure (much lighter than a hair dryer) that's comforting to even very young children. For large crowds where speed matters, airbrushing beats hand face painting hands down.

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