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Airbrush Tattoos & Body Art FAQ

What types of paints are used?

Mystic Face Painting and Body Art uses only professional high-definition hybrid inks and all products are FDA approved for use on human skin. We never use acrylic paint which has been known to cause allergic reactions, Regardless of who you use,always ask your artist what products they use on your Childs skin.

How long do they last?

Tattoo inks can last up to an entire week, depending on skin type,and can be removed with rubbing alcohol if desired. Designs applied with hybrid makeup last 1-2 days and are more easily removed with soap and water. Ease of removal makes hybrid makeup the natural choice for facial applications.

How can you remove the tattoo?

Hybrid makeup is easily removed with soap and warm water. Tattoo inks come off with rubbing alcohol and a little elbow grease.

How long does it take to apply?

The beauty of offering tattoos at your next event is the speed with which they can be applied. Mere seconds is all it takes to spray elaborate,multicolor designs. Of course,application time will very depending upon the level of detail and the skill/speed of the artist. With large crowds where speed is of the essence,there's no better choice for entertainment than temporary airbrush tattoos by Mystic Face Painting & Body Art.

How do you apply your makeup?

With airbrushes of course!

How large a group can you handle?

On average we complete 30-40 multi-colored tattoos per hour, here again, it depends on the skill of your artist. There's no better choice for accommodating very large crowds then temporary airbrush tattoos by Mystic Face Painting & Body Art. We perform at events ranging from birthday parties to sporting events,fairs,parades and concerts. We have a crew of fast, friendly,professional artist that can be called upon on a moments notice.

Can I do anything to preserve the art?

Designs applied with tattoo inks will hold up to just about any natural elements. With hybrid makeup, heavy perspiration and harsh swimming pool chemicals are a tattoos worst enemies. Barrier spray can help seal the skin and preserve the designs, but only to an extent. Weather using hybrid makeup or tattoo ink, the key to longevity is keeping the skin as dry ad possible. Talcum or baby powder can do wonders if your not planning to jump in the water any time soon.

How many designs are available?

Although our inventory is much more extensive, we typically carry up to 70 designs to most events. We find that offering children too many choices tends to slow the selection process and thus production. We're also capable of creating custom designs to match company logos and a like.

How much space do you need to work your magic?

A 6'x6' area will do, if we use our tent we need a 10'x10' area. An electrical outlet a chair and a small table are helpful although we can do without them if necessary. We can do outdoor events without electric but need to know that there will be no electric available ahead of time.

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About Airbrush Art

A crowd favorite throughout the nation,we do both free hand designs and tattoos. Most tattoos are applied using stencils,airbrushed and FDA approved makeup or tattoo inks formulated for use on human skin. With tattoo inks, designs last up to a full week (depending on skin type) but can be removed with rubbing alcohol if desired. Airbrush makeup is more appropriate for facial applications as it's more easily removed with soap and water. Designs last 1-2 days. We typically offer up to 70 designs to choose from and will produce custom designs (e.g. Event logos) if desired.


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